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Individual Services



Problems may easily come and go throughout someone's life, either in developmental, emotional, social, or intellectual aspects. Then, they will need professional help through counseling and therapy, based on psychological principle, diagnostic, and assessment.

Counseling and Therapy are held in an agreeable sessions between the client and counselor for hourly basis sessions. The rate is ranging from Rp. 400.000,- to Rp 1.500.000,- / hour. Our counselor will help you solving your problems, such as: Speech Delay, Social Behavior Disorder, Delinquency, Alcohol and drug abuse, Premarital sexual, Eating Disorder, Personality Disorder, Truancy, Drop out, Pornography, Underachiever, Socially Inhibited, Young Marriage, Depression, Suicide, Limited working capabilities, Lower Self Esteem, etc.



Individual Counseling & Therapy


Behavior Modification (6 hours)
RP 6.000.000, -
/ person
Social Behavior of Children (6 hours)
RP 6.000.000,
/ person
Obedience and Discipline (6 hours)
RP 6.000.000, -
/ person
Interest and Ability Matching (2 hours)
RP 2.000.000, -
/ person
Hypnotherapy, Career Coaching, CBT, Metamorfosis (1 hour)
RP 1.500.000, -
/ person
Therapy for Children:
- Integration Sensory Therapy RP 2.500.000, - /5 sessions
- Gross Motor Therapy RP 2.500.000, - /5 sessions
- Fine Motor Therapy RP 2.500.000, - /5 sessions
- Occupation Therapy RP 2.500.000, - /5 sessions
- Disability Disorder Therapy RP 2.500.000, - /5 sessions
- Concentration Therapy RP 2.500.000, - /5 sessions
- ABA Lovaas Therapy RP 2.500.000, - /5 sessions
- Speech Therapy RP 2.500.000, - /5 sessions
- Relaxation Therapy RP 2.500.000, - /5 sessions
- Behavior Therapy RP 2.500.000, - /5 sessions
- Motivation Therapy RP 2.500.000, - /5 sessions
- Play Therapy RP 3.000.000, - /6 sessions
Please read our Term of Payment for further information.



A special rehabilitation program for drug-dependence patients. Under Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Relaxation, they will reconstruct their cognition, emotion and personality, to make them stronger in handling their impulsive drives and leaving their dependency to drugs.

This program is organized systematically, step by step, from destroying their negative belief and attitude towards drugs, to developing a new positive thoughts and feelings to skip drugs from their life.


Individual Treatment

Intensive Training and Counseling Program                
Rp 15.000.000,-
/10 sessions

Please read our Term of Payment for further information