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About Kasandra & Associates

With "Quality & Excellence" as our mission, we are committed to participate in producing qualified people, from infancy to adulthood stages of human development, through maximum stimulation programs.

Psychological Practices provides professional services in Psychology, under psychological diagnostic principles which includes diagnosis, prognosis, counseling and therapy. Please refer to Our Services menu for service details or go directly to: Individual, Group, Corporate, and School for your specific needs.

Problems may easily come and go throughout your life, involving yourself, your loved ones, or other people around you. Those problems may disturb and affect your normal daily activities. Then, you may need professional help in solving your problem.

Unfortunately, "professional help shopping" sometimes need many extra efforts that put you to other problems, such as: checking on professional qualification, making appointment, queuing in a long list of appointment, attending session, and many more. This searching activities may becoming troublesome for you.

Since we understand your needs, we established a full range of services, from face-to-face counseling to electronic services. You can get information, quotation, registration to e-counseling, and many more by taking this valuable opportunity to browse our website.


A. Kasandra Putranto - Psychologist

Widiawati Bayu - Psychologist

Amanda Margia Wiranata - M.Si., Psychologist

Rahajeng Ikawahyu Indrawati - M.Si., Psychologist

Margaret Khoman - M.Psi., Psychologist


Thank you for visiting Kasandra & - Psychological Practice

Dra. A.Kasandra Putranto, Psychologist



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