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Recruitment, Selection and Training

Particular people are selected, developed and motivated to be members of the winning teams. High performing organization must search for high performing people. Unfortunately, such people are becoming more difficult to find. Organizations therefore need to maximize all resources; to search for the right people, recruit them, and maintain them. This service is including: Recruitment, Selection / Psychological Assessment, and In House Training. For Corporate only.

Psychological Test for Students

Students are our hope of the future and the nation’s greatest assets. They are expected to achieve high performance in school, obtain good educational back ground, and have proven knowledge and sufficient experience. Their ability to manage their lives and study has to be formed during the early phase of their lives. Our ” Psychological Assessments ” service will be able to help identify their intellectual strengths, attitudes and interests; Where, most of the time, will serve as their core foundation and be very useful in providing their educational direction and predicting their success in the future. We are ready to serve school selection, either in an individual or group assessment. For Individual and School only.

Human Resources Management

In order to be successful during these challenging and demanding economic condition, a company will require a highly adaptive human resources system and structure. It plays an important role in achieving the company success. Proper management in human resources may lead to better performance, better working climate, better coordination and better control. This service is including: Organization Structure Job and Qualification Analysis, Human of Knowledge, Transfer of Knowledge and Personnel Administration. For Corporate only.

Executive Search

The overall service of executive search is set within 2 months, starting from the date of your approval and signature. If we are not able to propose any single person as qualified candidate within the time frame set, this contract will automatically cancelled, with no charge at all. If we have proposed at least 3 (three) candidates and failed to meet your requirements, a cancellation fee (item 3.5) will be applicable. This service is including: Recruitment, Selection, and Candidate Replacement. For Corporate only.

Counseling and Therapy

Problems may easily come and go throughout your life, either in developmental, emotional, social, or intellectual aspects. Then, you will need professional help through counseling and therapy, based on psychological principle, diagnostic, and assessment. Organized in a form of individual or group counseling, our counselor are ready at your service to help you solving problems. For Individual and Group only.

Drugs Rehabilitation Programs

A special rehabilitation program for drug-dependence patients. Under Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Relaxation, they will reconstructs their cognition, emotion and personality, to make them stronger in handling their impulsive drives and leaving their dependency to drugs. For Individual only.


The high crime rate in Indonesia, with many cases involving economy, sexual violence, gender-based violence, cyber, drugs, terrorism, also civil law violation need Forensic Psychology handling, Kasandra & Associates provide forensic psychology services from prevention to assistance in legal purposes.
  • Initial Forensic Psychology Consultation
  • Assistance and empowerment services for victim and suspect
  • Forensic Psychological Assessment
  • Forensic Investigation, Criminal Profiling and Psychology Autopsy
  • Expert Witness in Court
  • Advocacy and Mediation
  • Forensic Intervention