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About Us

We Are Kasandra Associates

Psychological Practices provides professional services in Psychology, under psychological diagnostic principles which includes diagnosis, prognosis, counseling and therapy. Please refer to Our Services menu for service details or go directly to: Individual, Group, Corporate, and School for your specific needs.

Providing professional services in Psychology​

Problems may easily come and go throughout your life, involving yourself, your loved ones, or other people around you. Those problems may disturb and affect your normal daily activities. Then, you may need professional help in solving your problems.

Dra. A. Kasandra Putranto.,

Clinical Forensic Psychologist

graduated from University of Indonesia, with 30 years of experience in Clinical Psychology, 20 years of experience in Forensic Psychology, founder of Attitude Achievement for Titanium Generation, proven public speaking skills, and Cognitive Behavior & Behavior Activation approach, mostly handling anxiety, depression & mood disorders, addictions, personality disorders, eating disorders, post traumatic stress disorders, teenage-family-marriage problems, and forensic psychology services.

Widiawati Bayu, S.Psi.,

Clinical Psychologist

graduated from Atma Jaya Catholic University. Expertise : Pre-marital,  marriage and family counseling skills; clinician for adult problems, also in trauma healing and personality development.

Amanda Margia Wiranata, S.Psi., M.Si.,

Clinical Psychologist

graduated from Atma Jaya Catholic University (Bachelor degree) and University of Indonesia (Master degree), Certified practitioner of EMDR, Certified Play Therapist, Clinical Supervisor of Play and Creative Art Therapist, Member of Play Therapy International Reg. No. 201400407, Member of Play Therapist Indonesia,. Expertise: counseling and psychotherapy for children and adolescence with emotional and behavioral problems, parent-child/ adolescence relationship problems, bullying, trauma, anxiety, depression, withdrawal behavior, social problem, school refusal, selective mutism.

RR. Rahajeng Ikawahyu Indrawati, M.Si.,

Clinical Psychologist

graduated from Atma Jaya Catholic University, Jakarta (Bachelor degree) and University of Indonesia Majoring Child Clinical (Master degree). Able to do clinical counseling and psychotherapy for children’s and teenager’s since 2007 and trauma therapy (for children, teenagers and adult as well) since 2010. Certified practitioner in EMDR International Association (EMDRIA) since 2010.

Margaret Khoman, M. Psi.,

Clinical Psychologist

graduated from University of North Sumatera (Bachelor degree) and Tarumanagara University (Master degree), Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy

Nashatra Malicca

Public Relations

An undergraduate Psychology student currently studying at the University of Padjajaran, also an extrovert teenager with a keen interest in acting, modeling, public speaking, and also self-development, dreaming to become a Professional Clinical Psychologist.

She is passionate about growing, gaining new skills, and also getting wider connections. She has kickstarted her career by being a Tiktok Content Creator focusing on self-development and self-growth.

Allequa Perucha

Icon of Attitude Achievement For Titanium Generation

As the icon of Attitude Achievement For Titanium Generation, representing spirits of alluring energetic and creative teenager to develop cheerful and promising future with some achievements in singing, dancing and animating