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Kasandra & Associates

Thank you for your interest in obtaining psychological services at Kasandra & Associates

Please help us to confirm your registration and appointment schedule, as follows:

Services Registration Procedure in Kasandra & Associates

Clients fill out the registration form by choosing the type of service, name of psychologist, and time preference for appointment:

  • consultation, assessment, counseling, and intervention in clinical psychology services
  • consultation, assessment, counseling, and intervention in forensic psychology services
  • expected psychologist
  • expected schedule, date ____ – morning, afternoon, evening
  1. The client provides information to the administration staff by WhatsApp after filling out the registration form.
  2. Our staff will provide information about the availability in cost and schedule of the psychologist.
  3. Client is expected to fill in the second registration form and required to transfer a down payment amounting of Rp.  250,000 down payment for an initial session with a psychologist.
  4. Our staff will provide H-1 reminders via WhatsApp.

Please find the following categories of service in Kasandra & Associates

  1. Psychological services for children
  2. Psychologicalservices for adolescents
  3. Psychologicalservices for adults
  4. Couples / marriage counseling
  5. Consulting career or talent interest
  6. School / College readiness test & psychological assessment
  7. Psychological interventions: BA CBT, Family Therapy, EMDR, Play Therapy, Hypnotherapy and other psychological interventions
  8. Psychologist Home Visit
  9. Needs for Event Speakers
  10. Forensic Psychological Services

From the above options, which service do you need at this time ?  After you determine which service to choose, then you can fill in the form for registration link with the client data below: 

please let us know that you have filled in the registration link above by texting to  WA : 081808457388.