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Consultation Meet is a special-designed program for individual seeking professional help in psychological matters. Organized in a form of group counseling, enabling information exchange between participants flows comfortably and privately. Consultation Meet is set to mold the quality of individual through maximum stimulation program for intellectual, emotional, social, and personality. With this consultation meet, all participants are expected to share problems and find the best solutions to their problems. The Maximum number of participants in the group counseling is 8 persons.

Group Counseling & Therapy

  • How To Mold High Achiever Children (0-24 yrs)
  • How To Improve Self Performance (above 16 yrs)
  • How To Solve Family Problems (24-48 yrs)


Seminar arrangement will be more suitable for groups with more than 10 participants . This will ensure more convenience and efficiency. Led and facilitated by our professional psychologist, problems and their solutions will be discussed openly after every issue being explained. Many interesting topics are available at your service subject to your requirements.
  • Seminar & Public TrainingĀ 
  • Stress & Emotional Quotient (6 hours)
  • Self & Image Building (6 hours)
  • Understanding Addiction (2 hours)
  • Cognitive Behavior & Hypnotherapy (6 hours)
  • A2G (Attitude Achievement for Titanium Generation)