About Us


In 1997, located in Jl. Kramat Pela Raya no. 210 South Jakarta, Indonesia, A. Kasandra Putranto, Psychologist initiated her private psychological practice undername of Psychological Practice as her dedication for Psychology in Indonesia. Her psychological services cover individual, group, school and corporate clients; from assessment, counseling, training to other consultancy services.
In 1998, with the increased demand for wider and more comprehensive psychological services and increased needs for other professionals to support them, then a new and more suitable form of organization became necessary. The option fell for Foundation Body named Yayasan Permata Pertiwi, considering that mostly psychological services and practices are still categorized as mental health services. With a form of foundation body, the business got improved with an increased number of clients. Some networks and cooperation are established to strengthen the position in the industry.
In 2003, foundation body was no longer suitable for the business, since most corporate clients were getting less interested to cooperate with foundation body. Then in July 2003, Yayasan Permata Pertiwi was transformed into a corporation body, PT. Kasandra Persona Prawacana (Kasandra & Associates) in order to cater its needs – as a middle scale corporation in Human Resources and Management services, including Psychology. The decision has brought a very sharp impact in quantity and quality of new corporate accounts for Kasandra Associates.

Now Kasandra & Associates provide various services, for individual, school, and corporate, covering assessment, counseling, psychotherapy, consultancy and training. Recorded clients are from many industries, such as banking, insurance, other financial institutions, hotel, manufacture, pharmacy, freight forwarding, event organizer etc. Our 17 psychologists and supporting staffs are very committed to provide many coaching services:

  1. Dra. A. Kasandra Putranto, Psychologist (Clinical Forensic Psychologist)
  2. Widiawati Bayu, Psychologist (Adult Clinical Psychologist & Corporate)
  3. RR. Rahajeng Ikawahyu Indrawati, M.Si., Psychologist (Child & Adolescent Clinical Psychologist & Corporate)
  4. Amanda Margia Wiranata, M.Si. Psi (Child Clinical Psychologist)
  5. Margaret Khoman, M.Psi., Psychologist (Child Clinical Psychologist)

With “ The Creation of an Improved and Well developed individuals through being a strategic partner “ as our Vision, and Quality & Excellence as our mission, we are committed to participate in producing qualified people from infancy to adulthood through maximum stimulation program.


Corporate Licenses

  • Notary Deed Mrs. Sri Intansih, SH : no. 54 dated May 23, 2003 no. and 73 – March 24, 2004
  • Justice Dept Registration No. : No. C – 13373 HT.01.01.TH 2003.
  • Tax No. : – 019.000
  • Tax Deductable No. : PEM – 1014/WPJ.-04/KP.1103/2003
  • Company Registration No. : 090317439910
  • Domicile Registration No : 36/1.824.5/2003

Psychological Practice Licenses

1993 is a starting point of year that marked a very important change of National Curriculum for Psychology Education in Indonesia, all Psychology graduates for bachelor degree (S1) are no longer obligated to achieve 158 credit semester, and they are also no longer automatically eligible to practice. Those who take bachelor degree in Psychology need only 124-140 credits semester to graduate and they need to continue education with Magister profession in Psychology to become eligible to practice.

Therefore, Practicing Psychologists education is different from Psychology Scientist/ Magister education (bachelor in Psychology, master and doctorate in Psychology).

In order to support Competence and Qualification in Psychological Practice, Kasandra and Associates sets a very high commitment to ensure maximum quality of practice by obtaining accreditation and lincensed from Indonesian Psychology Association (HIMPSI), licensed from Indonesian state licensing board for Clinical Psychologist, and certification from Indonesian Profession Certification Institution for Forensic Competence. We encourage our Psychologists to have their individual licenses and certifications to practice:

  • Dra. A. Kasandra Putranto, Clinical Forensic Psychologist (IP : 1584-14-1-1) STR : 12 24 9 2 1 16-1267137 SIPPK:001/B.62.0/31.74.07/-1.779.3/2019
  • Widiawati Bayu, S.Psi., Clinical Psychologist (IP : 0567-11-1-1) STR : 12 24 9 2 1 18-1555712
  • Amanda Margia Wiranata, M.Si., Clinical Psychologist (IP : 01-03D-2380) STR : 12 24 8 2 1 18-2248834
  • RR. Rahajeng Ikawahyu Indrawati, M.Si., Clinical Psychologist (IP : 1069-13-1-1) STR : 12 24 9 2 1 18-2319360
  • Margaret Khoman, M. Psi., Clinical Psychologist (IP : 0168-16-2-1 ) STR : 12 24 8 2 1 18-2248833 SIPPK:1/B.62/31.72.02/-1.779.3/201