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What is E-counseling?

Online counseling service at Kasandra & Associates – Psychological Practice uses the power of internet communication which reduces travel and time costs of both client and therapist. It is more comfortable and convenient. Without leaving home you can have a serious consultation from a licensed professional who can help you solve your problem. Email us your situation and problem for direction from the professional. Private e-Counseling or one on one consultation is limited for 2 responses

How does it work?

We have enlisted licensed professional therapists from the best psychological university in Indonesia. You and your counselor can discuss how long you might desire to work together. Obviously, you can always change your mind about how long you think e-counseling is appropriate for you. All counseling and consultation are subject of Professional Confidential. Privacy is utmost importance for us. There will be no exposure without your permission. Please read our Privacy Policy for better assurance.

Select Our Psychologist

  1. Dra. A. Kasandra Putranto., Clinical Forensic Psychologist
  2. Widiawati Bayu, S.Psi., Clinical Psychologist
  3. Amanda Margia Wiranata, M.Si,. Clinical Psychologist
  4. RR. Rahajeng Ikawahyu I, M.Si., Clinical Psychologist
  5. Margaret Khoman, M. Psi., Clinical Psychologist
  6. Meity Arianty, STP. M.Psi., Clinical Psychologist
  7. Reno Fitria Sari, S.Psi., M.Si,. Forensic Scientist
  8. Dian Fitri, S.Psi., M.Si., Clinical Psychologist


All payment shall be made through money transfer to PT. Kasandra Persona Prawacana, for :

  • Individual Services :
    • Bank Cemtral Asia account no. 679.031.0088            
    • Bank Mandiri account no. 127.000.631.955.0
  • Corporate Services:
    • Bank Central Asia account no. 679.031.0088

Please send the money transfer receipt to WA

WA : 0818 0845 7388

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