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Particular people are selected, developed and motivated to be members of the winning teams. High performing organization must search for high performing people. Unfortunately, such people are becoming more difficult to find. Organizations therefore need to maximize all resources; to search for the right people, recruit them, and maintain them.


  • Arrangement Fee 5 % x total cost
  • Letter Selection
  • Calling Fee
  • Brief Psychological Examination
  • Interview
  • Individual Report

Selection / Psychological Assessment

  • Managerial
  • Non Managerial 
  • Executive Assessment
  • MMPI Test
  • Group Dynamic
  • Report in English

Assessment Center

  • Staff Level (min. 6 person)
  • Supervisor (min. 6 person)
  • Assistant Manager / Manager (min. 6 person)
  • Director (min. 6 person)

In House Training

  • Stress & Emotional Quotient (6 hours)
  • Effective Leadership (12 hours)
  • Hospitality Service (6 hours)
  • Motivation (6 hours)
  • Communications (6 hours)
  • Team Building (12 hours) / 8 person (indoor)
  • / 8 person (outdoor)/ 40 person
  • Personality Development (6 hours)
  • Problem Solving (12 hours)
  • Metamorphosis (12 hours)


In order to be successful during these challenging and demanding economics condition, a company will require a highly adaptive organization through its human resources system and structure. It plays an important role in achieving the company success. Proper management in human resources may lead to better performance, better working climate, better coordination and better control.

Our competency-and-trait assessment makes the whole objectives of selection process becoming more accurate. An individual is assessed carefully based on his / her actual performance (education background and job skills competencies) and potential capabilities (talent, personality and emotional maturity) to match company and job requirements. Meanwhile, the company system will play an important role to ensure the optimum performance achieved.

Organization Structure, Job and Position Analysis

Job description  / job
Qualification Probe / job
Job Grading 
Salary Scale & Remuneration

Human Resources Set Up

Company Regulation
Company Policies
Performance Appraisals 

Management Consulting & HR

Management Consulting & HR /hour
HR systems knowledge transfer program /hour (min. 5 person)
The introduction of grading system works /person/hour

Personnel Administration

  • Compensation and Benefit Recapitulation
  • Training Record and Plan
  • Performance Appraisals


The overall service of executive search is set within 2 months, starting from the date of your approval and signature. If we are not able to propose any single person as qualified candidate within the time frame set, this contract will automatically be cancelled, with no charge at all. If we have proposed you at least 3 (three) candidates and you consider them as not meeting your requirements, and a cancellation fee (item 3.5) will be applicable.

Professional Fees

Our professional fee on Executive Searching Service is 15% of the selected candidate’s first year net cash compensation including THR and bonus.
Ex: If the remuneration package offered for Project Manager is Rp. 1.500.000,- per month, our fee is Rp. 2.925.000,-
Advertising Arrangement: For any necessary advertising activities (upon your prior approval), we will bill you for the actual costs of the advertisement, including permit from Manpower Department.
Traveling Expenses: For out of town recruitment, all bills incurred will be charged to your account.
Psychological Examination: The cost of full profile on Intelligence aspect, aptitude, and personality is Rp. 800,000,- excluded from the above executive searching fee.
Cancellation fees: In case this assignment were terminated after we have present the shortlist candidates within the time frame agreed, we would like to charge you Rp. 2.000.000,- per position.

Corporate Counseling

Entering the millennium era, containing increasing competition as the political, social and economic extremely vulnerable to the demands of the business world, we recognize the need for the emergence of corporate counseling services. In the busyness of everyday life, the management company is often bound by tight time and effort, so attention to the lives of the employees to be neglected.
And when they realized neglected condition has become a time bomb ready to explode and damage the framework of corporate climate.
Psychological Practice recognizes this need and we provide Corporate Counseling services for your company. Please feel free to contact us.